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Telecoms Licensing: All you need to know from NCC -Part 2

By Juliet Umeh

*How much does it cost to obtain a licence?

The license fees payable varies according to the services. Please contact the Commission or check Licencing link on the Commission’s website for the Licence fee structure.

*How long does it take to obtain a license?

According to the provision of the Nigerian Communication Act 2003, an applicant must receive a response with respect to licence application within 90 days of the submission of the application.


However for Class Licence, once your application is complete, you get your offer letter immediately. For individual licence, depending on the service and completeness of required information, the conclusion of the process takes between 4‐8 weeks.

*Do i need authorization from NCC to run a cybercafe?

You require a Class license to run a cybercafé.

*What services have been deregulated?

These services include:

Sales and Installation of Terminal equipment (Mobile Cellular Phones, Satellite Communication and Switching equipment etc).
Public Payphone Services.
Internet Services.
Prepaid Calling Card Services.
PNL LEO (Local Exchange Operator)
Paging Services.
Trunk and 2-Way Radio Network Services.
Fixed Telephony Services, employing cable and Radio.
Satellite Network Services (e.g. Domestic VSAT networks).
Repairs & Maintenance of telecommunications facilities.
Cabling services.
Tele-Centers/Cyber Cafes.
Non-commercial/User Operated Radio Networks.
*What are the criteria used to ascertain the operational status of licensees?

The following are the measurement criteria used to gauge the operational status of licensees after the award of the license has been awarded;

Licence Fees paid.
Start up Organization/Staff in place.
Office set up.
Logistics in place.
Finances Organized.
Site Survey and Site Selection.
Equipment Selection.
Frequency Allocation.
Type Approval of Equipment.
Number Allocation.
Commitment on Equipment Procurement.
Site and Infrastructure preparation.
Procurement of Equipment.
Installation of Equipment.
System turn-on and Commencement of service.
*How can we obtain the list of existing licenses in a particular category?

Please go to the Licensing section of this website ( and click on the List of Licensees link.

*What is Value Added License?

A Value Added telecommunication services are non‐core Network telecommunication services which are beyond standard voice calls. These services include Internet, Directory service, paging service, voice mail and Prepaid Calling Card service, Call Center services, content services, Vehicle Tracking. The service provider does not own a network to provide the service and may ride on existing networks.

*What are the additional requirements for Value Added Services?

Additional requirements for VAS (Content Services Using Short Code) are as follows: 1. Evidence of an Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered between the Company and the Mobile Network Operator(s) for the provision of VAS – Content Services. 2. Alternatively, the Company should provide a copy of License duly issued to it by the CBN for Mobile Services or Lottery Commission for lottery services.

*What are Premium Services?

Premium services are content services which are provided either in‐house by the mobile network or by a third‐party (Content Provider). These services include MMS, Bulk SMS, Ring Tones, Weather Reports, Flight Information Schedules, Sports, Entertainment et cetera. These are usually charged at higher rate than the normal SMS rates.

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