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Satellite-based broadband: Amazon set to commit $10 billion to achieve reliable internet

By Juliet Umeh

After winning the United State, US regulatory approval to deploy more than 3,000 low-orbit satellites, Technology firm Amazon said it will commit $10 billion for its planned space-based internet, Project Kuiper delivery system to have a reliable internet.

The firm said Project is one of several systems it planned to bring internet to customers without land-based connections.

It noted that the project will deliver satellite-based broadband services in the United States, and eventually around the world, and may offer connectivity for wireless carriers and 5G networks.
Meanwhile, the American giant tech firm said it would begin deployment of its 3,236 satellites after the Federal Communications Commission approved the project.
Amazon senior vice president, Dave Limp “We have heard so many stories lately about people who are unable to do their job or complete schoolwork because they don’t have reliable internet at home.
“There are still too many places where broadband access is unreliable or where it doesn’t exist at all. Kuiper will change that. Our $10 billion investment will create jobs and infrastructures around the United States that will help us close this gap.”

Project Kuiper seeks to deliver high-speed broadband service to places beyond the reach of traditional fiber or wireless networks, including disaster relief,” Limp added.
He noted that the project also aims at individual households, as well as schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations.
An Amazon statement said the project also aims to “deliver an affordable customer terminal that will make fast, reliable broadband accessible to communities around the world.”
Kuiper is one of several projects to deliver the internet from space begun over the past decades.

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