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Samsung Note20 series experiences excess demand in the market

By Juliet Umeh

Despite that the economy is just recovering from the pandemic crisis, Devices maker, Samsung, has said that pre-order for its Note 20 has hit a total order of 3000 and has experienced early closure due to excess demand.

Note 20, which came out in new mystic colours of bronze, green, gray, black and grey variants was part of the five devices Samsung unveiled earlier in August.

According to the company, the good performance in the market was largely driven by the improvement of the design, the new colour variants, and the latency of the S pen as compared to the Note10 +, the Pro grade video, the wireless Samsung Dexamong other improved and new features.

It revealed it made the device affordable for many by keeping the price within the range of previously launched devices within its category but for the exchange rate.

It explained that it is providing a more convenient mode of financing through trade in and device financing from their partner’s sentinel and TD.”

According to one of the customers who have patronised the device, Bella Rose, “The Note20 Ultra outpaces the combined efforts of the other smartphone brand in the market.”
Another customer, Adekunbi said: “The device colour is fantastic, the camera and pro-grade video is second to none and I pay for it with ease via device financing.”

Also, Tunde, another customer said: “The Note 20 is my best Samsung device. The S pen is just like using Pen on paper and I only have to pay N22, 500 for an accidental screen repair, service pickup and delivery among other things through the Samsung Care+ plus offer.”

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