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Remote Work: Three quarters of employees never want to return to workplace dynamics -Study

By Juliet Umeh

Global pandemic, Covid-19, has reset major work trends overnight. This Is as majority of working environment shifted from comfortable and secure offices to breakfast bars and kitchen tables.
However, despite that this has brought with it both opportunities and challenges, a latest report from a security and research company, Kaspersky has
revealed that three quarters (74%)
of employees never want to return at least to some of yesterday’s workplace dynamics.

And, almost two in five (39%) of employees are ready to escape the tradition 9–5 working structure, just over a third (34%) no longer want to work at a
fixed office desk, and nearly a third
(32%) want to rethink the five-day
working week.

According to the research firm, as employees feel emboldened to reconfigure their workdays to fit better around their personal lives, businesses now need to adapt fast to remain as secure, resilient
and productive as possible as the
world enters the next ‘normal’.
And technology is playing a crucial role
in the race to augment connectivity,
support upskilling, and accelerate
the digital transformation of

Kaspersky also noted that despite being thrust into a period of uncertainty, people don’t want to wait to be told what the future holds.
To understand this trend, Kaspersky commissioned Censuswide to conduct a global research study focused
on how employees’ working habits have shifted, what they expect from their workplace, and the role technology will
play in securing the future they want.

More than 8,000 employees of small-to-medium businesses (10 – 250 employees) were surveyed in
Brazil, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain,
South Africa, Turkey, UAE, UK, and USA in October 2020.

Key stats
Employees remain proactive about shaping their futures, with over a third (35%) of respondents considering
a career change within the next 12 months, most seeking a higher pay
The workplace may never look the same again, as 11% of people now enjoy working in the nude
Seeing colleagues face-to-face is the top detail people have missed about work (34%)
Almost half (54%) of employees see technology as the biggest driving force for the future Spending more time with
loved ones is the top benefit of working from home for nearly half of the respondents (47%), followed by saving
money (41%) and working remotely (32%)
The highest proportion of people want a flexible working structure moving forward
(37%), where they continue to work mostly from home, but also visit the office regularly.

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