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Patricia creates easier ways to transfer cryptocurrency in Africa

Cryptocurrency is basically, a digital currency based on a modern technology called the blockchain. Its users range from small businesses to process payments, financial tech-based startups, and retail consumers that use it to send money across borders and as an investment asset.

Since cryptocurrencies like BTC and other altcoins have been gaining high acceptability and in high use around the world for payments, investing, and banking Patricia has helped by creating a platform in facilitating a safe, secure, and interactive space that can usher Africans easier ways to transfer funds.

It should be noted that the total daily trading volume of BTC is around $20 billion and market capitalization touching $170 billion on 26th June 2020.


Many Africans now largely use cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Litecoin for applications in banking, making payment transfers

High uncertainty of economies in most parts of Africa makes cryptocurrencies, a viable medium for asset management in lieu of storing its value in most cases.

Consequently, many Africans with relative access to Internet access via mobile penetration and such platform can use Patricia, with its proprietary app, helps in facilitating payments, that remains accessible to everyone through their mobile phone.

For Individuals and startups, Patricia offers a better approach in transferring funds to anyone in the world for paying remittance, suppliers, e-commerce shopping, to and from friends and family members based overseas, Patricia helps by offering such services as it cost very low charges than many commercial banks in Africa which charge excessive fees in unstable currency markets and unreliable economic ecosystem.

With top-notch security systems incorporated in Patricia’s systems a lot of African businesses and


startups can connect seamlessly with their global suppliers and buyers without fear of being compromised.

Crypto assets such as Bitcoin was created  after the global recession of 2008 with the intention of a decentralized currency with transparent and controls to consumers advocating for low transaction cost, better security and easier access to its medium of choice

Patricia helps by offering Bitcoin transfers, Physical and virtual cards, buying and selling of gift cards, and many more services.

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