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MTN dominates statistics in NBC’s Q1 ’20 voice, data subscription report


By Juliet Umeh

MTN Nigeria is the leading telecommunications network with the highest share of voice and internet subscriptions in the first quarter of 2020.

MTN Nigeria CEO, Ferdi Moolman


This is according to the telecommunications sector’s data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS today.

NBS report has it that MTN led other telcos with 73, 573, 788 in voice subscription 57, 282, 123 in internet

It is closely followed by GLO, AIRTEL, EMTS and others with 51, 856,114; 51, 298, 878; 12, 123, 185 and 430, 831 respectively.

In total, all voice subscriptions were 189, 282, 796.

Also, MTN has the highest share of internet subscription with 57, 282, 123 and was closely followed by GLO, AIRTEL, EMTS and others with 33, 871, 456; 36,827, 677; 7,762,068 and 459,907 respectively. In total, all internet subscriptions for all networks were 136, 203,231.

In the other hand, Lagos State is as well leading other states in Nigeria to have the highest number of telecommunications subscribers in terms of active voice per State and the highest number of subscribers for internet in the first quarter of 2020.

The report has it that Lagos led other states with 23, 306, 633 in active voice in mobile network. Lagos is closely followed by Ogun and Kano States with 10, 948,188 and 8, 336, 296, respectively while Bayelsa and Ekiti States had the least number of subscribers with 1, 362, 501 and 1, 646, 009 respectively.

Similarly, in terms of active internet per state, Lagos led with 17, 025, 929 in all network. It is also followed by Kano and Ogun States respectively while Bayelsa and Ebonyi States have the least number of subscribers.

According to the report, telecoms data for Q1 2020 reflected that a total of 189,282,796 subscribers were active on voice as against 184,699,409 in Q4 2019 and 173,713,842 in Q1 2019.

It said: “This represented 2.48% increase in voice subscriptions Quarter on Quarter and 8.96% Year on Year.

“Similarly, a total of 136,203,231 subscribers were active on internet as against 126,078,999 in Q4 2019 and 116,310,154 in Q1 2019. This represented 8.03% growth in internet subscriptions Quarter on Quarter and 17.10% Year on Year.”

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