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Many people will have this curiosity, why RIMA Foundation?

Well, RIMA Foundation is an acronym for Records and Information Awareness Foundation. And why the RIMA Foundation was set-up is to help develop the information management industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. So, there’s this industry called the IM industry that has the potential to help stimulate the economy of the country and also that of the continent. It has got potentials to provide both employment and investment opportunities. And today, you will agree with me that we have different individuals working in different organizations in the information management industry. We have the information technicians, record managers, archivists, document managers and others. And part of the challenges being faced by these people is the fact that they don’t have a common platform where they can actually come together; where they can actually share experiences, share lessons learnt and forge ahead in terms of their career. There seem not to be a platform like that for these category of people. So they exist everywhere. Even in media houses, they have archives where they keep past publications, we have Human Resources where they keep records of everything that has to do with personnel, we have the medical department that keep medical records and things like that.
However these professionals are scattered in everywhere without any professional affiliation, neither do they have any institute that could help them enhance their career. Now the foundation has taken it upon itself to help some of these people and some of these organizations. You will be surprised that so many big organizations have challenges when it comes to managing information. And there seem not to be organizations that are specialized in proffering solutions to some of these problems. So these are some of the awareness that RIMA Foundation is trying to create. We are trying to open the market, invite as many people as possible into the field and also to be able to help individuals and corporate organizations to be able to meet their information needs. There’s a word referred to as Information Governance. We must have been hearing of the word Corporate Governance. People talk about Corporate Governance, but forgetting that you can’t have Corporate Governance if you don’t have good Information Governance in place. And Information Governance has to do with the information that comes into your organization on daily basis, information generated during the course of organization, information you get through your blackberry, text messages, email on your website, facebook pages and other sources. I can say authoritatively that 90 per cent of organizations in Nigeria and Africa don’t have such consciousness. So, the question is how well are we to harness the information that come into our organizations from various sources on daily basis. So, when we talk about information governance, it’s being able to have control right from the creation, the usage, storage and the disposal of information. We believe that government generates a lot of records and information, they need it too.

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