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Huawei 5G networks may have met end in UK

…as operators receive order to remove existing gear by 2027

By Juliet Umeh

Chinese telecommunications, Huawei, may have met its end in the United Kingdom.

This is as the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s government has initiated a move to ban Huawei from Britain’s 5G network by ordering telecoms companies to remove its equipment by 2027.

Media Secretary, Oliver Dowden, today said telecoms operators will not be able to purchase 5G components from Huawei from the end of this year.

Also, the operators have been told to remove all existing Huawei gear made by the Chinese telecoms behemoth from the 5G network by 2027.

Dowden explained this to the House of Commons after Johnson chaired a meeting of Britain’s National Security Council, NSC.

He said: “The National Cyber Security Centre, NCSC, has now reported to ministers, that they have significantly changed their security assessment of Huawei’s presence in the UK’s 5G network.”

The recent development may have been cheering news to the United States government as President Donald Trump has consistently signaled that the world’s biggest telecoms equipment maker is no longer welcome in the West.
Trump has repeatedly asked London to ban Huawei which Washington calls an agent of the Chinese Communist state.

However, in May, the Trump administration had moved to block shipments of semiconductors to Huawei from global chipmakers.

But in June 30, the Federal Communications Commission formally designated Huawei and fellow Chinese company ZTE Corp as posing threats to U.S. national security, a declaration that bars US firms from tapping an $8.3 billion government fund to purchase equipment from the companies.

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