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How to Create an Effective Content Strategy

First of all, it is necessary to analyze the approach that would be adopted for the content. If it is an online toy store, it would be ideal to talk about children’s education, resources, and recommendations for parents, which will give value to the brand as a specialized company and attract quality traffic that will indirectly be interested in the products.
This approach depends on two variables regardless of the sector: who we want to attract and for what reason(s).

Adapting the contents

Here, several questions that are very important for our message to have the desired effect must be answered.
What strategy should be used to address visitors to the site? How often should content be updated? To what extent should the content address the need of visitors?
The answer to these questions will depends to a great extent on the two variables of the previous step.
If the contents are for an online toy store for example, there will be a need to order it in a friendly and informal manner, to create confidence and closeness, if on the contrary the strategy is focused for example on a legal office, the tone and the form must change radically to offer the confidence and the seriousness that the visitor expects.

Freshness of Content

This means that the intended content has to be fresh and regularly updated. It means that the more valuable the content provided the better. The extension also depends on the market niche. Users must not be bored and the content of the site must also continue to live up to standard. An ideal content can be anywhere about a minimum of 750 words per article as a base.

Increase of the traffic with internal contents

Linking good content with a viral strategy is the key to success both in increasing traffic by natural SEO and Social Networks.

Use good SEO tools

The use of SEO tools to analyze keywords, develop a content strategy and monitor the effectiveness of actions are essential in developing an effective SEO strategy.


Wale Ajayi

Wale Ajayi (preferably Cardinal) is a google certified digital marketing/SEO professional, consultant, and educator with over 9 years of progressive experience. He has worked for media houses, e-commerce and affiliate marketing companies as head of digital marketing team and trainer. He is also a freelance journalist and online PR. He provides training on SEO/ digital marketing and content strategy for company staff and manages online campaign for political aspirants. whaleangelo@gmail.com. +2348060422707, +2348078649889.

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