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How Nigerian non profit platforms get Google’s huge support

By Temmy Don

Running a nonprofit organisation is like donating blood to a dying patient. There is no personal gain, besides saving a soul. Yet it is both mentally and materially tasking.

Sometimes the lack of financial return on investment, makes it even the more hectic for coordinators of such outfits to keep moving.

But when a Google provides the tonic to keep moving, the story changes.

Considering the search engine’s huge reputation for providing springboard for budding start-ups and organisations with social economic impact, a Google support is akin to a blank cheque.

That is apparently what Nigerian nonprofits will soon begin to enjoy as tech giant comes to their rescue with Google for Nonprofits initiative.

Google for Nonprofits aims to empower not-for-profit organizations by providing them with free premium services.

For organizations that qualify, Google for Nonprofits gives access to a collection of premium apps – the same tools large enterprise corporations use – at no cost. Once approved, qualifying nonprofits can gain access to programs such as Google Ad Grants, G-Suite for Nonprofits, YouTube’s nonprofit program, and more. This assists nonprofit organizations to work more quickly and efficiently to reach a wider audience, spur more supporters to take action, and tell their story in a more compelling way.

Nonprofits can qualify for a grant of up to $10,000 a month that is available for six months through October 2020, to spend on text-based ads among other offerings. For an NPO to be eligible for the Google for Nonprofits program, it must be a registered nonprofit charitable organization in Nigeria and verified by TechSoup Nigeria. It must also meet eligibility criteria listed on the Google for Nonprofits page-

Head, Government Affairs and Public Policy, West Africa, Google, Titi Akinsanmi, said: “Nonprofits face unique challenges when making decisions about what technology to acquire amid competing demands for funding and resources. Our overall goal is to provide access to tools and technology quickly and effectively, so that these organizations can focus their efforts and resources directly towards achieving their goals”

Google also announced that its philanthropic arm, will be giving a grant to Teach for Nigeria, a non-profit organization focused on support for students in underserved communities in Nigeria while the COVID-19 school closures persist.

The grant will fund a 2-year teacher fellowship program to ensure more students in underserved communities get access to quality education, delivered by well-trained teaching staff. It will also fund an education intervention program to help children in underserved areas get education through alternative means like TV, radio and on-the-street public communications.

Google training resources and programs for upskilling teachers working in target communities will be deployed, and Google Digital Skills training curriculum and resources will be leveraged for this program.

“Our plan is to provide support and create partnerships that will ensure that children from underserved communities are able to access the required level of education during these times,” Akinsanmi says.

According to CEO, Teach Nigeria, Folawe Omikunle, the platform is working towards developing platforms that allow Nigeria’s educational system to support all children to thrive and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

  • “Now more than ever, we must do whatever can be done to ensure that quality and relevant learning is happening, for all our children regardless of where they are on the map. We are excited and confident that this collaboration with Google will move us a step closer to achieving our goals in these times.”

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