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How commercial 5G devices break barriers

...As Phones, fixed wireless access drive 5G adoption


By Juliet Umeh

Telecommunications body, Global mobile Suppliers Association, GSA, is saying that 317 devices are supporting 5G,

Meanwhile, 135 of these are understood to be commercially available.
The association is impressed with the growth surge which is up from 112 devices supporting 5G as at the end of May.

According to the industry body, the number of devices supporting 5G as at January this year was just a little above 200 but today, the upward swing shows the speedily 5G will transform the world stage.

5G network

It also tracked spectrum band support of 5G devices and explained that 76.3 percent of all announced 5G devices supported sub-6GHz bands while 26.5 percent of devices supported the mmWave spectrum.

However, only 20.5 percent of all announced devices support both, the mmWave spectrum and the sub-6GHz spectrum bands.
In the same vein, only 31 commercially available devices, representing 23 percent are said to support services operating in mmWave spectrum, while 88.9 percent of the commercially available devices are said to support the sub-6GHz spectrum.

At the end of June 2020, the bands most supported by 5G devices include n78, n41, n79, and n78, with n78 being the most popularly supported band by 148 devices, followed by n41 band (128 devices), and n79 band (100 devices), respectively.

President of Global mobile Suppliers Association, Joe Barrett, said: “As we continue to see more and more 5G services launched around the world, it is fixed wireless access and phones which are driving the early pace.”

Barrett noted that the number of announced 5G phones has more than doubled since the end of June and has increased by upto 55 percent over the last three months.

He added: “From chipset vendors to device manufacturers, the industry is delivering the devices people need to be able to access, enjoy and benefit from new 5G experiences.”

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