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e-Governance Summit: Why Nigeria cannot run away from 5G

By Juliet Umeh

Technology expert has said that Nigeria may not be able to run away from adopting the fifth generation technology, 5G if it wants to enjoy a lot of bandwidth like the developed world.

Speaking on the apprehension surrounding the network at the Nigeria e-Governance Summit in Lagos, the Managing Director of the VDT Communications, Mr. Biodun Omoniyi, said for the country to be able to enjoy a lot of videos, “we need to continue to grow the bandwidth in a wireless world because Nigeria is more of a wireless country.”

Omoniyi noted that people are always weary of new technologies.
He said: “When electricity was being brought, this is how people became so fearful. So, for 5G there’s nothing to fear except fear itself.

“We know that 5G will bring more base stations. If in the 2G world the spacing was like 800 metres, and 3G brought in about 600 metres and 4G is about 500 meters for a space like Lagos State.
“In a 5G world, what I think is going to happen is that we are going to be having about 250 metre separation.

So that may be part of the reason why we are having the fear.
“Naturally, many people are saying they don’t want the base station near their house, it’s not because of any scientific explanation but for fear but we have electronics and even microwave surrounding us.

“Most of us watch television in our houses and the radiation from the television is actually more than a base station that is outside your house will bring into your house,” VDT MD explained.
He stated that one thing that puts all the Gs together is that there will always base stations.

He said, “For you to have 4G, you will have more base stations than you have in 3G. So, it goes progressively that way.
In 5G as well, we are looking at having more base stations especially if it is wireless because you want to move all data to serve more people
“What that portends is that we are going to have a lot of more base stations and more fibre coverage to be able to interlink those base stations,” while adding that 5G is going to be faster.

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