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Digital Economy: MainOne commits over $400m in West Africa 10 years after

By Juliet Umeh

Provider of internet connectivity, MainOne, said it has invested over $400 million in West Africa to enable digital economy.

The company disclosed this while marking its 10 years of operations in the region recently.

It noted that it has played a critical role in enabling internet access across West Africa where it said penetration rates have grown from less than 10 percent in 2010 to close to 40 percent 10 years later.

It said it has invested in submarine cables, terrestrial fiber networks, and Points of Presence, POPs, across the region.

According to the company: “Within this period, MainOne has delivered services to 10 West African

countries and has built Tier III data centers in Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire hosting the largest institutions and global content in the region, with on-going expansions of its data center footprint in Nigeria and Ghana.”

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ms. Funke Opeke, said: “We started on this journey to deploy critical infrastructure to bridge the digital divide in West Africa. While we are pleased that we have made an impact, there is so much more work to be done.

“The recent challenges we have faced with COVID-19 Pandemic highlight the need for additional


investment and smarter policies to deploy shared infrastructure required to make access to broadband a reality for more Africans at a price they can afford. “MainOne has been leading that charge across West Africa for ten years and we are even more committed to realizing our vision today than we were 10 years ago.

“While it is an accomplishment for any company to reach the 10-year milestone, it is particularly significant for us as we hold on to our vision which is to be West Africa’s communication solutions provider of choice,” Opeke said.

She added, “Through the commitment of our shareholders, hard work and dedication of our employees, and collaboration with partners, we have been able to deliver services that balance innovative solutions with excellent service delivery.

“I thank our valued customers for the opportunity to be of service and remain grateful to our board members and shareholders for their faith in us. Many thanks also to our devoted employees and partners who have enabled us grow and thrive.

“We are confident that we will witness continued growth over the next ten years as we continue to provide excellent services to our clients and enable businesses and the digital economy across the region,” she said.

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