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AU partners private sector, introduces PanaBIOS for Covid 19 contact tracing

The African Union in partnership with private sector presented a programme known as PanaBIOS for managing congestion,contacts tracing and cross-border travel. PanaBios, can observe contacts and track the attitude and movement of people from one place to the other.

The statement read in part, “PanaBIOS has become the go-to digital application not only for e-registration but is a secure, standardised, tamper-proof transcontinental digital application suite for disease contagion monitoring, spatial risk factors analytics, mass testing, process traceability and outcomes tracking. A statement noted that countries like Ghana is using the platform to keep their political calendar on track.

“Since it is able to track movement, it means there is hope for the airline industry as they are set to open. It has been quite a while since airlines have flown locally and most especially internationally.“To

PanaBIOS App

ensure the safety of passengers, the African Union Open Corridor Initiative is opening its arms to encouraging a partnership among pan-African private sector organisations to bring about a digital means to check on the spread of COVID 19 through bio-screening and contact tracing, again, through PanaBIOS.

”The statement added that this was first initiated in Ghana on the 1st of June 1, 2020, by Ghana’s Trancop Initiative and was officially launched on July 5 by the African Union Department of Trade and Industry with other Pan-African institutions. The other Pan African institutions include AfroChampions, the African Organisation for Standardisation, Koldchain BioCordon, African Economic Zones Organisation and national government initiatives.

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