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BCX positions for better service delivery with new brand identity

By Juliet Umeh

Technology Solution Provider Company, BCX Nigeria, has said it is ready to reposition it’s company for a better service delivery as it rebrands it’s company in November.
CEO of the company, Mr. Ayo Adegboye, disclosed this in an online chat with the media.

He said in about a month from now, BCX Nigeria will be switching over to its new brand identity.
He said: “To mark this historic event, we will be having a hybrid event consisting of both virtual and onsite activities.”

Giving reasons for rebranding, he said: Following the acquisition of BCX Group by Telkom in 2015, the business decided to divest all its investments outside Southern Africa and earlier on in 2020, BCX Nigeria exchanged ownership in a management buyout led by the company’s incumbent Managing Director, Ayo Adegboye and IP & Cloud Ltd.

He said the new entity which is now fully owned by Nigerian will continue to maintain a strategic relationship with BCX SA and also retain global best practices imbibed from them.
According to him, financially, BCX Nigeria has run autonomously for the past five years and with this acquisition, it is now better positioned to expand to other areas in the country besides its head office in Lagos and regional offices in Port Harcourt and Abuja especially in sectors where local content had erstwhile been a barrier.

He noted that since 2008 that the company commenced operation in Nigeria, it has been at the forefront of developing innovative and disruptive technology solutions for West Africa.
Adegboye said: “In 2009, BCX deployed the “Campus-wide Wireless Network” for one of Nigeria’s foremost Universities, and this became the largest single enterprise Wi-Fi project in the country at the time.

“Three years later, in 2012, we launched the BCX Cloud Computing Service, a major contribution to Nigeria’s ICT infrastructure.
“In 2013, we deployed the very first SIM Registration Solution for one of the largest telecommunications in Nigeria. Five years later, in 2018, we deployed end-user computing and networking for the world’s largest brewery, and just last year, we signed a contract to deploy the largest Vocalcom deal in Africa for over 2,500 agents.

“In so many ways, our customers have been part of the BCX journey for 12 years and as we rebrand to take on new challenges, innovate new solutions and deliver a greater future, we want customers to be part of this next stage in our evolution,” Adegboye added.

How IoT will revolutionize supply chain management – Lare Ayoola
By Juliet Umeh

How to keep track of assets has always been a challenge for Asset Management Industry. This is as knowing where things are at any given time can be critical to transforming business operations. It can reduce risk, save money, improve efficiency and drive new service revenue.

For instance, containers keep missing all over the world and it usually takes months to find them in the cases where they are ever found.
However, technology experts are of the opinion that combination of mobile computing, analytics, and cloud services, all of which are fuelled by the Internet of Things, IoT, is changing how delivery and asset management companies are conducting their operations.

Interestenly, experts said Asset tracking is one of the fastest-growing industrial IoT market worth $3.93 Billion by 2023.
Also, Delivery company DHL and tech giant Cisco estimated in 2015 that IoT technologies such as asset tracking solutions could have an impact of more than $1.9 trillion in the supply chain and logistics sector.

According to their estimate, there will be 267 billion IoT asset tracking devices deployed in the global industry by 2027.
All these were revealed at the Disrupting Asset Tracking webinar organised by Technology Companies, IoT Africa Networks Ltd in conjunction with Connected Finland in July to shed more light on the challenges facing the asset management industry.

The Executive Chairman of IoT Africa Networks Ltd, Lare Ayoola, while speaking said the difference between lost and found can be as little as 12 Bytes.
He said: “IoT Africa Networks Ltd in partnership with Sigfox, enables one to observe the entire asset tracking network whether industrial, commercial, business, or residential in a convenient and budget-friendly manner.

“You might not be able to rely on electricity in Nigeria, but you can rely on Sigfox. This is because the Sigfox devices can be powered without electricity. Their battery life can last for more than four years on a single charge,” Ayoola said.
He noted that IoT on the supply chain management canl transform inventory, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, construction, insurance, security companies and more.

Also, Founder, Connected Finland, Tom Lindblad, said the IoT network, that Sigfox and IoT Africa provide, is enabling them to track things they never could have before. He said IoT connectivity are tracking assets along the supply chain and receiving alerts on anomalies such as unauthorized trailer detachments, virtually fence and manage herds, intercontinental sea-freight tracking, recovery of stolen vehicles, monitor the logistic supply chain, track industrial assets, enable real-time tracking of consumer’s luggage worldwide.

Lindblad said: “The IoT Africa Networks, Sigfox, Tranter IT, and Connected Finland partnerships are strategic and critical for development in Nigeria. The major drive for IoT in Nigeria is for companies and cities to connect everything and stay in control of their assets and business operations.”

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