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As OneCard partners Redeem on customized recharge cards

If technology is not a miracle worker, it is something close to it.

Oncard recharge cards loads on any mobile operators platform

Never in the history of the world has one solution been acceptable to the religious and circular worlds in a manner that technology seems to be generally accepted.
In many respects technology has been described as social transformer but that is also being economic with the truth. From social, business, government, down to the most conservative religious circles, technology has found its way; in each case, accepted with open arms.
The magic however is that technology has a unique way of fitting perfectly into projects irrespective of the background they are coming from.
Otherwise, would it not have been surprising to see the Redeem Christian Church of God, a sect that has been widely known to profess strict adherence to biblical doctrines of worshipping God, delving into solutions primarily conversant to the social circles?
Last week, it happened. One Card, a fast moving consumer goods company penned down an agreement with the Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG, for production, distribution and sales of customized multiple service recharge cards that would bear RCCG insignia.
With this agreement, Redeem members in all its 32,000 parishes across the country would now access top-up solution at any parish without having to leave the church service ground.
Speaking on this unique service, the Founder/ Director of One Card, Prof Olurinde Lafe, said the initiative was borne out of the company’s commitment to making life easier for Nigerians via easy-to-use and accessible top-up solutions.
According to Lafe, partnering with Redeem Church provided One Card an excellent opportunity to ensure Nigerians, especially RCCG members access the convince that his company has brought while even in their place of worship.
He added that the partnership is one in the series of strides OneCard was taking to bring impactful services closer to every Nigerian
Meanwhile representative of the Church, Pastor J.K Odesola, said ’’RCCG approved the production and distribution of its customized cards, because One Card is providing an innovative cards that is a bridge to all Nigerians service providers making it possible for any denomination of One Card purchased to be loaded on any service provider of one’s choice”.

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