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Jiji grows App traffic twenty folds

...installs 22,000 apps in one day

By Juliet Umeh

The global attribution leader, AppsFlyer, have said that its partnership with a classifieds marketplace, Jiji has led to increase installs of its Android and iOS apps from 7,000 a day at the start of 2019 to 22,000 app installs in 2020.

According to AppsFlyer, Jiji now has over five million app installs in Nigeria alone and app traffic has grown twenty-fold since the beginning of the partnership with AppsFlyer.
It noted that before working with it, Jiji found it difficult to know which marketing channels were adding value and which were not.

It said: “With user acquisition heavily dependent on Facebook and Google Ads, and both ad platforms using different attribution methods, it was very difficult to compare performance between

the two. “Jiji also faced the challenge of setting up new ad network partners as many of these partners simply weren’t positioned to deal with the Nigerian marketplace, which made the negotiation, integration, testing and analytics process long and complicated.

“For the first time, Jiji could rapidly test more than 300 advertising partners and make smarter buying decisions based on their performance.
“Jiji also has the ability to compare performance between its Google and Facebook ad campaigns, helping them save time and money and making it easier to cut back on poor performing campaigns and scale-up successful campaigns,” AppsFlyer explained.

MD Latam & Africa, AppsFlyer, Daniel Junowicz, said: “In a mobile-first market like Nigeria, a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t can be the difference between success and failure and we are excited to be working with Jiji to drive growth and increase the efficiency of its marketing in this market.

“Our solutions make it easier for businesses to have an accurate view of their marketing activity so that they can make informed decisions on where and how to invest their budget.
“Jiji has experienced exponential growth in Nigeria by using data to make smarter buying decisions. We look forward to working more closely with them as they explore more opportunities to enable trade in Africa’s largest economy and beyond”.

Also speaking, Chief Marketing Officer at Jiji, Vitalii Sharovarov, said “AppsFlyer has been an invaluable partner in our success in Nigeria. The AppsFlyer team helped us improve our user acquisition and performance measurement and, as a result, our marketing spend has been more efficient.

“The technology is great, but without the people to support it, we could still be struggling. They’ve helped us understand our problems in a more technical way,” Sharovarov added.

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