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Remote work can be dangerous if health is not prioritized

By Juliet Umeh

Although many organizations have adopted virtual or remote work to abide by the 60 percent number of staff needed in work places, but a medical expert has warned that if employees do mind how they work from home it could be hazardous to their health.

A Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, Dr. Maymunah Kadiri, said doctors in Optometry clinics are beginning to see many more patients complain of their sight due too much of focusing on the screens.

Kadiri who is the Medical Director of Pinnacle Medical Service said whether one is an employee,

employer, business owner, entrepreneur people should know that working from home can be scandalous if one’s health is not prioritized.

According to her, “Before now, people were longing to take some days off and work from home, but now the realty has come. People are realizing that working remotely is bad because somehow, the brain tends to tell you to work harder.

“Now, doctors in the eye clinic, whether opticians or optometry are beginning to see more people complain of sight because they are always looking at the screen and the lights at the screen are not healthy for us. Now that we are working remotely, let us work in a way that it will not have adverse effects on our health,” she said.

The public health doctor advised that people should work in such a way that they have a structure, routine and have time to zoom in and out.

She said: “Employers should also know that it’s not every time they should put their employees on virtual meetings from morning till night because they do not trust them. Give them a timeline to submit their work.

“Some people have even lost track of the week because every day now is work day.

I have seen somebody that said she sits down from 9am to 6pm in front of the screen and now her back is aching and she has to go and see an orthopedic surgeon.

“You are your own biggest asset and if you burn out, you are useless to yourself and to the people around you. Ensure you take regular breaks, get up and stay away from the screen as often as possible. Do exercises to boost your energy,” Kadiri advised.

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